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Laminate flooring in living room with furniture and fireplace

Laminate Flooring in Kentucky

With laminate flooring, there are virtually no limits – not even your stretched budget or busy lifestyle. Laminate is, simply put, a floor you can feel great about. Your new laminate floor is a far cry from yesterday’s synthetics – in fact, there are now laminate planks that look virtually identical to natural hardwood planks.



Modern laminate flooring has everything you’re looking for: it is highly affordable, extremely durable, and quick to install and repair. This makes it an appealing option for both residential and commercial spaces. At Carrell Rogers Carpet One Floor & Home, we carry a wide variety of beautiful laminate flooring products, with a wide range of choices guaranteed to suit every taste.



What Is Laminate Flooring? 

Laminate flooring is a synthetic product that looks and feels like actual stone or hardwood. 


Most laminate planks are built in multiple layers, including: 





Choose laminate floors for all the spaces where you hope to achieve realistic natural looks minus the price and upkeep requirements. It's perfect for any room in the home and can even be used in specific commercial settings. 



What Are the Benefits of Using Laminate Flooring? 

Today's laminate flooring is designed to take on life’s everyday messes in stride.


Your initial costs to install a laminate floor will be significantly lower than other products, and the result will be much easier to care for. Laminate is built in layers and has added density. Photorealistic imaging lends the visuals of natural hardwood, stone, or tile, while a protective clear coating prevents scratches, dents, and scuffs.



Where Can I Install Laminate Flooring? 

Laminate offers flooring that can go nearly anywhere.


There are stunning choices for all of your interior spaces. While laminate flooring isn’t waterproof, it does have a fair amount of water resistance, making it an excellent and affordable option for a kitchen or finished basement. Laminate also features varieties that go well in your dining room, bedroom, or living room- anywhere.


Laminate flooring is incredibly easy to install. Some families of laminate products don’t need adhesives during installation; click the planks together for a floating floor. Still, it's usually wise to consider professional flooring installation every time. Ask our experts about our installation options. 



Where Can I Find the Best Laminate Flooring in Kentucky? 

Carrell Rogers Carpet One Floor & Home is the region’s preferred destination for fine laminate flooring products. We carry a wide variety of laminates in our expansive retail centers, which are located in Shepherdsville and Louisville, KY. As part of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative, we can bring you the purchasing power of nearly a thousand other stores and the localized expertise and competitive pricing you’ve come to expect from us.



Want to learn more about laminate flooring further? Please stop by one of our showrooms or give us a call today and schedule a FREE onsite project estimate. You can also browse our laminate flooring selection online now.

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Laminate flooring in hallway with bench and table

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