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Custom Area Rugs

Custom Area Rugs


Are you looking for a pop of style on something other than your wall or throw pillows? Area rugs are a fashionable and function accessory for your home. From their warm and comfortable feel on your feet to the protection they provide to your flooring underneath, area rugs can add so much to your home.



Carrell Rogers Carpet One Floor & Home has the tools to create and bind custom area rugs. We then back them with protective materials such as canvas for extra durability. Once you choose the carpet, we provide the carpet binding service, helping you to turn the carpet you want into the perfect piece for any room…you name it!



Why would you need a custom area rug? Most area rugs today are mass produced and pre-made in specific sizes, but those sizes are not one-size-fits-all. That can make it difficult for those who have spaces that are not standard. A custom area rug allows you to accessorize any space in your home no matter how big or small. How is a custom area rug made? Most custom area rugs are cut from broadloom rolls that are then backed and binded to be an area rug. There are several benefits when you have an area rug custom made for your home. You can choose from a variety of colors, pile styles, fibers, colors and more. If you want to have an area rug that looks like carpet you already have in your house, we can do that for you!



If you are interested in having a custom area rug made for your home, make sure you stop by our showroom. We can walk you through our carpet selection and find the best option for you to have your custom area rug made from!



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