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Classic Carpets with Great Performance

Tigressa at Carrell Rogers Carpet One

Carrell Rogers Carpet One is proud to carry the Carpet One exclusive, Tigressa. Tigressa’s innovation begins with their premium fibers. These fibers are half the denier of a human hair, and the fine fiber creates a luxuriously soft carpet. That’s not all, the size of the fiber also affects durability. Since the fibers are extremely thin, more can fit into each bundle per square inch. These tightly packed bundles bring strength and enhanced performance to Tigressa carpets.

Tigressa products also feature their patented Color Protective Technology which helps protect the soft surface flooring from fading that comes with normal wear and UV rays. Collections such as Tigressa Cherish, Tigressa SoftStyle, and Tigressa H2O offer something for every home and office. Visit one of our showrooms in Louisville, KY or Shepherdsville, KY and ask one of our experts why they recommend Tigressa.

The Tigressa Collections

  1. Tigressa Carpet in living room

    Tigressa Cherish: Ultimate softness and performance

    Tigressa Cherish chevron-arrow-right
  2. Tigressa carpet in dining area

    Tigressa H2O: Kid friendly carpets in stylish patterns

    Tigressa H2O chevron-arrow-right
  3. Tigressa carpet in living room

    Tigressa SoftStyle: Classic colors and textures for all lifestyles

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