• Dec 30, 2014
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2015 Flooring Trends

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2015 is here. If you're planning for some new flooring this year, you'll love these 2015 flooring trends.

Carpet & Rugs

Trends on the soft side of flooring – carpet and area rugs – are providing a relaxed outlook for 2015. Distressed and striated patterns are popping up in almost every collection. The great thing about these patterns is that they are very forgiving in your home.


Area rug from Kaleen Rugs

Striated looks help hide little messes until you have time to clean them up. And distressed looks, well, they’re already distressed so you don’t have to worry about the added wear from your family.


Tigressa SoftStyle carpet from Carpet One Floor & Home

Along with these forgiving patterns, you’ll also see a heavy influence from nature. From actual natural materials like wool and sisal to nature inspired patterns like animal prints, insect wings and natural textures, if you’re a nature-lover, you’ll also love 2015’s floors.

Hardwood & Laminate

Hardwood and laminate (which often looks like hardwood) have similar trends. The reclaimed trend that we’ve seen throughout other aspects of home décor, has also emerged in flooring styles. You’ll find significant variation between planks as well as distress marks in these trendy floors. Just like the more relaxed trends in carpet, this is great news for busy, active households.


Laminate Floors from Carpet One Floor & Home

Gray tones are also popping up in hard surface floors. It’s a great neutral and provides a cooler but still neutral alternative to typically warm hardwood stains. There is also a trend towards flax and blond colors.

If the more eclectic look of reclaimed wood is not what you’re looking for, you may enjoy a floor on the opposite end of the spectrum. With very little visible grain and almost no variation between planks, these trending floors will create a blank slate for you to design your room around.


Vinyl is becoming more a more popular as technology continues to improve. Vinyl flooring looks more and more like hardwood or tile and it is more durable than ever. Vinyl floors can offer the look of real hardwood or tile for a fraction of the cost. They also offer easy maintenance and durability.

2015 Flooring Trends Obbi from Earthscapes

Obbi from Earthscapes available at Carpet One Floor & Home

Wood styles are still trending in vinyl and vinyl plank floors. Vinyl floors that look like natural hardwood allow you to have the look of hardwood in a space where traditional hardwood might not be an option – like a basement or bathroom. Rustic looks are especially popular.

In addition to style that mimic other types of flooring (hardwood and tile), vinyl manufacturers are also creating non-pattern designs and geometric patterns with pops of color.

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